IRS to Send Catch-Up Payments for Missing Stimulus Checks


  • As the government rushed out stimulus checks to millions of Americans this spring, some were disappointed to find the payments fell short of what they expected.
  • Now, the IRS is making catch-up payments. This week, it added 50,000 people who had money withheld because of their spouse’s unpaid child support to the list of people who will get catch-up payments.
  • Other families who were also expecting more money, specifically for their dependent children, may also be able to receive those funds this year.

Some Americans who are still waiting for their $1,200 coronavirus stimulus payments might be eased to know their checks will soon be in the mail.

The IRS announced this week that 50,000 people will receive catch-up payments for cash that was withheld due to their partner’s past-due child support.

Catch-up payments are set to go to those people starting in early to mid-September, the federal tax firm stated.

The $1,200 stimulus checks were authorized by Congress with CARES Act in March. The one-time payments called for as much as $1,200 for individuals or $2,400 for married couples who submit collectively, plus $500 per kid under age 17.

Because the payments were targeted at low- to middle-income Americans, individuals and families needed to meet particular income limits in order to certify.

There were likewise other exemptions that shut some individuals out. That included those who owe past-due kid support.

Now, individuals who had cash kept due to their partner’s overdue child support will receive that portion of their payment immediately. The cash will be released to those who have submitted Kind 8379 and sent it together with either their 2019 or 2018 income tax return.

Those who were affected but did not submit documents do not require to take additional action, the IRS said. The agency will automatically provide catch-up payments to those people, though the timing on that is still to be figured out.

The catch-up payments mark the most recent efforts by the IRS to get missing out on cash to Americans who are still waiting on the stimulus checks. The government hurried out countless payments this spring. But glitches avoided some people from receiving the full amount for which they were entitled.

Other Americans received payments that fell short due to the fact that the $500 for their children was not included.

The Internal Revenue Service has also started to remedy those situations in recent weeks.

Americans who receive federal benefits who did not get those dependent payments for qualified children can now send their information in order to get that cash through the IRS non-filer tool.

That includes Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, Railroad Retirement and Veterans Affairs Settlement and Pension beneficiaries. The due date to send info is Sept. 30 in order to get the cash this year. Beneficiaries who utilized the non-filer tool after May 5 do not require to take additional action.

Other individuals and households may also have received stimulus checks that fell short on the $500 reliant payments. The Internal Revenue Service began sending out the missing out on cash previously this month to those households who filled out the non-filer tool before May 17.

Americans who still have not received their stimulus checks and who do not normally submit income tax return can likewise utilize the non-filer tool to submit their info. But they need to do so by Oct. 15 in order to get their money this year.

Those who do not get the cash for which they are qualified this year will receive a credit when they submit their 2020 tax return next spring.

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